The One Raised_Fist

:: Origins ::

“I have a dream … not a sleeping dream, an aim, an ideal of the future.”

Rodef Emet (c. 730 AY - )

It was the way things were — some were born to lead, others to serve. A few climbed the ranks by slow degrees. Most were trodden underfoot, forgotten. If they had voices, no one heard. It was the way things were.

But things were about to change.

Cycles ago, a young diaboli arrived in the Dome, hoping to find his path. He saw rigidity and exploitation in the hierarchical systems of the land, sometimes even oppression and corruption. In his mind, a new ideology based on equality took shape. Rodef Emet — his name means Seeker of Truth — set out to gather others to his cause. The road was long and many rejected Rodef’s radical ideals. The guild collapsed many times, leaving him the only upholder of the dream, a dejected wanderer in Yliakum.

Then, late one night on the steps of Hydlaa plaza, the klyros Cirerey convinced the diaboli not to give up. With renewed faith in his cause, Rodef refined his philosophy and rebuilt The One around the core virtues of equality, liberty and community.

Today, The One flourishes, with members of many different races and backgrounds. Rodef is traveling the lower levels spreading the ideals of the guild and we, his Peers, fondly look forward to his return. We stand together, a genuine brotherhood of equals dedicated to helping one another and opposing tyranny and oppression. Today, we are the voices of all free citizens.

And we will be heard.

:: Organisation ::

The One is open to all races, religions, backgrounds and professions — anyone who upholds our ideals. The guild has no leader. All members share the equal rank, rights and title of Peer. Decisions are made by democratic vote.

:: Residence ::

Amdeneir, the klyros city: successful, savvy, sophisticated — and not above seditious activity for the right cause.

In 665 AY, for instance, Ylian residents of Amdeneir rose against the klyros there, demanding equal rights. In 675 AY, Amdeneir merchants sided with a thieves' guild against the government over taxation issues. In 750 AY, Amdeneir vigesimi Rikania Torwen, sympathetic to government reform and eager to strengthen commercial ties with the non-flying races, invited The One to take up residence in the klyros city, beside the tavern. Our presence in Yliakum and our Amdeneir headquarters support trade, help fellow citizens and continue our dedication to equality, citizen freedoms and community spirit.

:: OOC ::

Hi! The One has existed in previous forms since 2009 and under this name since April 2011. Its origins and ideological development were roleplayed between 2009 and 2011. In 2012 some of us began agitating for a constitution. This arc of roleplays is ongoing and has produced some enjoyable and interesting developments. We also support other player-run roleplays and events that reach us. We are about a fun and safe community, and any anti-government activity is purely roleplay - fictitious - and does not represent OOC views towards the GM/dev team! Drawing on existing Amdeneir lore, we applied for a guildhouse and in April 2013 were given an RP-awarded house beside Amdeneir tavern.

We are recruiting, and looking for:
➜ all levels of roleplay and gameplay experience, whether new to the game, experienced or returning after an absence. We do not force roleplay on anyone but we do expect members to be interested in "being" their character. Participation in violent/political RPs is entirely voluntary; we interact with your character as individuals, too, and craft/trade/hunt/quest/drink etc alongside him/her/kra.
➜ all kinds of characters, respectable or shady. We recruit in-character — any character with a likeminded agenda is welcome, and we have a secret, darker, underbelly if you want to associate your spy/traitor/terrorist/double-agent/whatever-type characters with us.

Our guild-members-only online forum can be found here. For more information, contact any member.
We look forward to seeing you in game!